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Welcome to Bolinda

Bolinda’s Library website is a valuable resource, which can save you time and enhance the level of service you offer your library borrowers. Become a member now to browse and order bestselling titles online. Be sure to visit regularly to find out about the biggest new audiobook releases from acclaimed international and British authors, and for exclusive library offers.

Library Services

The feedback from many of our library and trade customers is that Bolinda’s service is more personalised than they’ve ever experienced before. It’s all part of our commitment to exceed your expectations, deliver customer satisfaction, and unrivalled library supply services - every time.

Standing Orders

Bolinda Standing Orders are the best way to get new titles onto your shelves quickly and more economically. Standing Orders ensure your library is stocked with the latest and greatest titles from around the globe to let you focus on enhanced customer service.

We’re here to help you, to make your job easier, and to help streamline the supply of new titles to your library borrowers. We’re library market and content experts and present an expertly curated and exclusive range of unabridged audiobooks in a variety of packages. We strive to be your number one source for Standing Orders. Our continuation services ensure that you receive the titles that you need, when you need them.

To set up a Bolinda Standing Order plan, or to discuss your library’s unique requirements, call us on 0507 525 692.

Replacement CDs

We supply replacement cases free of charge for three years from the date of purchase for all customers. This commitment reflects our confidence in the quality and durability of our audiobooks. All library audiobook orders come with a 3-year warranty and with a lifetime warranty for as long as you remain a Standing Order customer. So if you lose a CD, or it wears out from repeated use, we will replace it. If you are not happy with our Standing Order title selections you can simply return or swap the item for an alternative – no questions asked. Finally, we offer a money back guarantee on all orders if for any reason you are not satisfied. We are always happy to hear from you if you have any concerns and we look forward to being part of your library’s collection.

Replacements can be ordered online.

Shelf Ready Servicing

At Bolinda we provide MARC records for all of our titles and full shelf-ready servicing, so you can get audiobooks on your shelves and circulating faster. This means that your investment in new stock for your library borrowers pays off sooner. Send us your requirements and let us take care of it for you. Servicing is offered free of charge for Standing Order customers. Please note, bespoke requirements may incur a small additional cost. Bolinda is RFID capable.

Any questions?

Our dedicated team is here to help you in every way we can. For more information about our audiobook titles or to order now please feel free to contact us directly